Wine tasting, Or as we call them in Direct Cellars, wine socials is a great way to make money by getting some friends together and have them bring a couple friends and have a wine social event. That is when you get some friends together and have a social and wine event. This is where you take a couple different wines and all taste a little. And admire all the other great qualities about wine. The aroma, The undertones and flavors. And the look I love the color of a deep red wine!!!

Wine TastingWine tasting

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Awesome Friends= $$$$

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Wine tasting with Direct Cellars,the hottest wine club on the planet. They give us the great opportunityWine Tasting for wine connoisseurs like you and I to experience the fine wines From the world.  These wines come from wineries around the world. They are hand selected by Jerry Greenfield, Our wine Expert. After a batch is found that meets his high standards they buy the entire batch. Yes that is right the entire batch is bought and that makes Direct Cellars the only place you can experience these fine wines.

   Now I know ,you have read this far you have interest in wine.  Are you thinking, “too expensive for me!!!”? Well If you already have a budget for wine then you already have the money. This social, wine of the month club Ships you wine at direct to member pricing. This means you get 40 to 60 dollar bottles of wine for 20 each on the average. Plus they are shipped and you do not have to spend the time Searching The shelves for the right one.Direct Cellars ships direct to you every month, with a love letter from the wine. This educates you about the wines that arrive each month. Telling you about the Vineyard, The family and the grapes. also it gives you a hint of the flavors, And what foods pair well with each wine that ships.

Start your tasting from the lighter Whits to the Bolder Red winesWine Tasting



 Start out with the light wine tasting and move to the darker stronger wine tasting as you go. A pallet cleanser as you go like a clean veggie like cucumber and light breads like toasted french bread slices work well. This just cleanses the pallet between tastings.

Take your time and enjoy each quality of the wine start with the smell and aromas of the wine. Look at the color against a light background. swirl it around the class and watch how it returns to the bottom as it runs down the glass. These are called legs. Take the time to enjoy and experience every aspect of the wine. 

So lets begin below are some wine tasting ideas in presenting your wine to your friends and family. You also want to  have others host your party as well. You get paid great money to promote wine. Wine tasting is a great way to advance your business


What do you need for supplies?Wine tasting

  • Bring a small but quality wine gift to give the host, an incentive to host the party. Work it out with the host that so They have goals to reach as far as setting up the party. The more that is on the table the more people will be there.

  • Get a RSVP if you can so you will know that you need an extra case of wine. This also allows you to make some light small appetizers to start and some for a pallet cleanser. This is just general information that you will want to know.

  • You  need at least 1 round of glasses for them all. Have a small rinse and dump container if you desire. Or have one glass for white and one for red for each. I know its a lot of glasses but you will get your return back. The more Professional and quality your party is the better you will do

  • You need enough wine to pour 1.5 to 2 oz. pours for each. When you start this you may want to have a couple cases of wine around to get enough to throw a party on the spot, or plan them and order for each.

  • Bring some ice buckets to chill the wine or even chill it on the way to the event. Make sure that every part of your presentation is planned and complete. know what you are talking about. I may even use a projector to project a power point presentation to show direct cellars awesome compensation plan.

  • bring long table to set up your display and appetizers on. Make a great presentation, people consume 90% of their food with their eyes as well as what they buy. You are selling a fine wine so give them a fine experience. You do not have to spend a ton to throw a party. Just some cheap bread made into crouton snacks and maybe a veggie platter. You may want some appetizers that pair well at the end. some foods accent the wine or visa versa. So if you pass out appetizers at the end that will serve two purposes one they will eat and add food to their stomach and also show the power of pairing food and wine.Wine Tasting




Some Ideas for display and Icing

Create an experience

Create an experience for the people as they walk in. We digest and taste 90% of our food with our sight. create an attractive display and,when  it’s not an attractive display and everything having its place then that is how the rest of your tasting will go as well. Really try to be precise and organized in your presentation, Know what you are talking about. We live in the information age, inform yourself if your not already informed. be accurate in your information and try not to stumble through your answers. This will be great fun and an experience that people will remember for a long time. Get in to it, you create the experience that will represent what they experience each month. Wine tasting is what this awesome wine of the month is all about, We get that amazing romantic experience every month.

Fun Social Not A Business Presentation

A taste to enjoy as they watch your presentation, is a great way to relax them and get the social environment flowing. As your giving your presentation and they get to the end of your pours then start a new tasting have them get up and grab a pallet cleanser and a little water to rinse glass and then give them their next pour. Continue on in your presentation answering questions as you go. be sure to present the compensation plan and make it strong and you will have people sign up all the time. When you look at the numbers alone 45 % of america already buy and drink wine a couple times a week or more. You can not experience these wines anywhere and if you could you would be paying 100 dollars a bottle. We get it at member direct to you pricing. We even can get it free just by referring 3 people. Absolutely amazing.


Experiencing Each Wine Tasting

Figure out the food situation.

 You shouldn’t be while you are wine tasting. Use bread or crackers, that will be needed to cleanse your palate. So, you should decide whether you want to give your guests a light meal before the tasting, serve appetizers or dessert after the tasting. Ideally, some sort of food should be provided so your guests don’t get wine drunk without anything to absorb the tasting

 Get the right wine glasses

For wine tasting You will not be able to give each of your guests a different wine glass before every new tasting., just one glass per guest will do, or one longer, less oval-shaped glass for whites and a rounder, larger glass for reds, if you’re feeling up to it.

  • The glasses should have stems so the guests don’t warm the wine with their hands. Explain the reason for the stem during your presentation as just a cool fact

  • The glasses should be clear so the guests can see the color of the wine. Show your customers about how to see the qualities of the wine. Show the clarity and quality. Hold it up to a light background to see what is in the wines.

      Get Your Supplies

  • Obviously, the wine. Pick your wines based on the theme you’ll be going for. In general, it’s good to have wines in different price ranges, from pretty cheap to more expensive, if you can afford it. Make sure that you have enough wine for your guests — a bottle of wine can pour 5 regular glasses of wine, or enough for 6-10 people to taste the wine.

  • Bring2  corkscrews in case you break tasting

  • Pack A wine opener.

  • You want a spittoon. Have either a large bowl in the center of the table, or as small paper cups for each guest.( I recommend the latter)

  • Bring An ice bucket for chilling white wine. This will keep you from running to the fridge.

  • lay out A white tablecloth or white napkins. This will help your guests see the color profiles of the wines.

  • A tasting grid. This can help your guests identify the flavors of the wine and jot down their impressions. You can find some great ones online.

  • Bread or crackers to taste in between wines.

  • Cups of ice water for your guests as well as a pitcher of water for the table

  Put everything out on the table.

  •  Put your wines out on the table, in an attractive arrangement, so the guests can see what they’re going to taste. And get even more excited for the night. Table’s not big enough, arrange the wines on a visible counter. Arrange the glasses, water, napkins, crackers, bread, and paper cups or spittoons for your guests.

  • Do not place any flowers or scented candles. The aroma makes it more difficult to recognize the flavors of the wine. Opt for a bowl of grapes instead.

Master wine tasting technique

  It doesn’t take much to taste wine and look like an expert. Just tell your guests what they’re going to drink, have them hold the glass and swirl it around for a few seconds to let the wine “breathe,” and then make them smell the wine to get a better sense of the flavor. After that, your guests should take a small sip of the wine, swirl it around their mouths for several seconds, and then either swallow it or spit it out.

Give people time to take notes

. Let people write down their impressions and give them time to think about it. People may be a little shy about their impressions because they don’t feel like experts, so make sure to make them feel comfortable. Giving everyone a minute to think will also keep people from getting affected by the opinions of others. Here are some things to look for as you take notes

  • Aromas and flavors. Any flavor or aroma that comes to mind should be written down, whether it’s blackberry, honey, lemon, chocolate, pear, earth, or pomegranate.

  • Texture and weight. See if the wine is light and crisp, full-bodied, rough, or smooth.

  • Balance. Does the wine have a smooth mixture of flavors, or does one flavor, such as oak or tannins, dominate the beverage?

  • The finish. See if the wine lingers on your palate or if it disappears the second you swallow it. A good wine should linger.

Take some time during the social time to explain how it works and the opportunities at hand. If they had a great time that night They will want free wine and unimaginable passive income. This is a great community of people helping other people build an income that will free up time the longer you promote. Eventually you will be growing a team and building people. Yes building people that are happier, more successful than ever and in a community of great people.

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