Wine lover gifts are great. A wine lover loves everything to do with wine. Not from an alcoholic stand point just for the fact that many people have a love for fine wine and its amazing qualities. So wine lover gifts are a great way to go for any season. If you have a wine lover in your life keep reading

Wine Lover Gifts

Wine lover gifts are great for the wine lovers in your life. There are thousands of gifts out there for thewine lover. From glasses to sayings to hang on the wall these are all great wine lover gifts that the wine lover in your life will love

Firs of the wine lover gifts are for you or anyone who loves fine wine. This is truly a gift that will bring many smiles for years to come. And guys if your wife or significant other is a wine lover then they will love you every month for this first great gift.

Wine Every Month

Direct Cellars is a wine club. They travel the world in search of the finest of wines. Then they send them to our door each month. Now these are not your typical “fine wine”. These are true fine wines and, they do not chemically alter the wine to speed or slow the process. They are all natural fine wines. And, they are from elite wineries from around the world. They package them and send them to your door each month. Now that is definitely wine lover gifts each month.

Now when I say fine wine I mean just that. These are true fine wines that are from around the world. Like I said they are not chemically altered in anyway. The process of making these wines is the same process that has been used for thousands of years. They are made from grapes that have been passed through generations of family, Made by wineries that are generations old and family run. These people know how to make fine wine.

Our Wine Expert

Then we have Jerry Greenfield. Now Jerry Greenfield is our resident wine expert. He is the guy thatWine Lover gifts travels the world with the golden taste buds and, He truly has a knack for finding fine wine. Then when he finds batch  that meets his standards of fine wine, Direct Cellars buys the whole batch and sends it to our door. They ship the wine and with it, with a love letter that describes the tastes and feels of the wine. The color and how sweet or bold the wine is. They also tell the story of the vines that grow the grapes as well as the families that make the wines. Now, the best part is what foods are going to pair best with the wine. If you would like to know more about Jerry Greenfield then please take a moment and read his book. Great sorry of his love of life and love of fine wine!!

Now that is an education in it self. Just having that tool around when selecting a bottle is awesome. This gives you the information to choose the best wine for the occasion. You can use the information to choose a wine to go with a dinner your making or choose food to go with the wine you have. Or, When you go to the bosses for dinner and want to show up with a great bottle of wine, just find out what is in the menu and choose a wine that goes with what they are having.

You should totally check out his book what a great story of wine love and love for wine!!!!


Why Direct Cellars

Wine lovers giftsDirect Cellars is a great company as a customer and a Representative. First their product is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone even if I did not get compensation for doing so. And, You do not have to be a rep, to receive the benefits of referrals. Even when you sign up as just a customer when you refer 3 friends that are active in one month you get your wine free. That is right when you refer friends and family and even co-workers your wine is free any month your 3 referrals are active. So go and refer a few extra people and get wine delivered ti your door, and get your wine free.

So the company is great and gives you a ton of value for any package you set up to receive. Now also they have an amazing guarantee. If you receive your wine and, you did not enjoy the wine they sent you they will replace the wine and not ask for the other bottle back. That is an amazing guarantee. But, if your a wine lover like me you probably will not run into that issue, as the wines are of the highest qualities.

So you have an awesome opportunity to enjoy fine wines from around the world. Truly fine wines that are guaranteed for you satisfaction. Also by getting together and sharing wine with friends and exposing them to the greatest opportunity to receive fine wines From around the world when you refer 3 active customers your wine is free for as long as they are active. Now where else can you get free wine each month.

Wine Lover Gifts and Accessories

Bottle Opener

Now there are many other wine lover gifts that you can find for wine lovers. The wine bottle opener that is just below is from Pampered chef. I received it from a close friend and I love it and makes me want to open a bottle just for the fun of doing it.

All that you have to do is set the Opener on the top of the bottle. Then squeeze the handle and clampWine Lover Gifts down on the other handle and push the screw down through the cork. Then you just pull on the handle and it removes the cork with ease. It also comes with an awesome foil remover , Leaving a clean top every time. Now when you have removed the cork just squeeze the cork and hold it, and Pull on the handle to remove the cork to replace on the bottle. It leaves a clean unbroken cork not dropping pieces of cork into your wine. An awesome quality opener to go with your quality wine each month.

I know I received my wine bottle opener as a gift and I love it. I also would say its one of my most used gifts. I truly appreciated this gift and Any wine lover would love to have this in their wine tools. Just enter through the picture and get yours today. So be social and love wine!!

Pictures and Memes

Now People that love wine also love wine memes so any pictures or sayings that include wine are Wine Lover giftsalways a thoughtful gift that people may like. These are pictures and sayings that people can hang on the wall or decor to set on the shelf. Pictures like you see are a great way to get a laugh. And give a wine lover gifts that will get a reaction.

So the next time your looking for the wine lover gifts for you friends family or co-workers just bookmark my online mall and sign up for my newsletter to stay informed of the new things that we have here. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Glasses With or Without Sayings

Wine Lover GiftsGlasses are great wine lover gifts. People that drink wine always are short in wine glasses at a party. Or they have one glass that they really love to use when sitting relaxing in the evening. What about a birthday wine glass that they can use every year on their birthday. And, are you going to a house warming party. A new set of matching wine glasses are a great addition for any home. These are great to give any wine lover gifts that will come in useful year round and setting up home. Check out the amazing selection of glasses you can find here.


A decanter is a great way of placing your wine out for appearance and aroma. Allow the wine to aerate and Release the aromas and flavors into your senses. There are many wine decanters that are beautiful and at great price. there are also vacuum pumps that seal the open bottles for freshness. If they last that long. And great aerators for pouring allowing the wine to be oxygenated and release the flavors and aromas for your enjoyment. There are also great kits for wine lover gifts. So check them out here