Wine Food Pairings

There are some great guides to cooking great food around the wine you serve. Finding wines to go well with food . Many white wines have a fresh light wonderful taste. This taste goes well with seafood and chicken. Many reds have a solid bold taste that goes well with game and red meats. It is so fun to create great menus down to the drink you serve. This helps spin a ribbon of taste that follows the whole meal.

Wine Food pairing has been around for thousands of food pairings

The menus of kings and queens were designed around the wine that they served. Now you will live like kings and queens when you get great wine from Direct Cellars.

Direct Cellars

Every month your receive deliverey wine from around the world. These are fine wines that professionals hand select . When Direct Cellars finds a batch that meets the high standards of Direct Cellars they buy the whole batch. They ship it Directly to your house with an information sheet that tells you about the flavors and qualities of the wines. This information tells of the food that pairs well with the wine.

This is great inspiration for a couple evenings a month. When you have a wine to build a meal around it truly brings out the creation. With these quality wines you truly create an experience. You follow a ribbon of flavor through the entire meal. From the wine to the dessert. I love the fresh flavors of white wines in the summer and the warm deep flavors a fine red wine in the winter. Wine is such a social and educational and creative substance. From creating conversation with friends to

wine food pairings

creating romance with your sweetheart wine creates an atmosphere of social and friendship. Now get yours delivered every month to your door.