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Wine food pairing Guide is a great way to start an evening.  Back as far as Kings and Queens the chefs then would prepare meals based on the fine wine. Now we have the ability to live like kings and queens of old with Direct Cellars. They travel the world over locating the fine wines of the world and sending them to you. With this monthly inspiration you can plan evenings around your wine of the month.

Wine Food Pairing Guide

One thing that you have to remember is there is a basic food and wine pairing guide that is followed when pairing foods and wine. That is that usually Dark meats or red meats will go well with red wine and fish and chicken usually go well with white wines. But Rules are meant to be broken some times. So have fun and experiment. Here is a food and wine pairing guide with some basics to get you started.

white wine Wine and food pairing guide

Like I was saying white wine usually pairs well with  lighter meats like fish and chicken. I find that white wine and fish go so well together because of the citrus taste that comes from the white wine. This is created by the process of making the wine. The ground the grapes are grown in and also the age of the vines. That is the amazing thing about fine wine is its a natural process that happens creating this awesome beverage that enhances the food we eat.

I use white wine in the cooking of a lot of my fish dishes. Using the natural citrus taste to add an awesome flavor to your dish. I also add a touch of water lemon and pepper and that is a great start to any baked fish or seafood dish. Add a little to a salad dressing to continue the ribbon of flavor through the dinner.

Here are some basics to starting your seafood dishes

One is I usually use a splash of wine over my baked seafood dishes. Something like a Chablis or Chardonnay with a lighter dry taste. There is a citrus flavor that goes well with lighter sea foods. After a splash of a nice white wine I add a squeeze of lemon. And then a pat of butter and place under the broiler or oven.

When it is almost complete cooking add a ritz cracker crumb topping with a little Parm cheese and finish under the broiler. serve with red bliss potatoes and a little white wine from direct cellars and create the perfect experience. This recipe works well with scallops haddock and even shrimp. This works well with any baked fish recipe. Creating a warm sea fare experience with a splash of spring with a fresh taste of a fine white wine. now that is an experience. Just you and your loved one or you and some friends and a great evening.

Keep coming back and watch for some great recipes

wine food pairing Guide