Wine Business Facts

The wine business and the Multi-level Marketing has come together and designed an unbelievable wine business  plan. The hardest thing about marketing any product is finding one that you like and people want to look at. Well here are some numbers to open your eyes to the amazing opportunity at hand. This is the fastest growing wine of the month club in the world and you are getting in on the profit from a product that has been around for thousands of years and is not going anywhere soon.

Here are some facts

  1. The California wine business has grown 2000% in 20 years
  2. There were just around 30 wine producers in Cali in the ’90s. Now there are 700. Ask that one smart math guy you know to crunch the numbers and you get that impressive growth number up there
  3. 2016 California Wine Sales in U.S. Hit New Record: 238 Million Cases with Retail Value of $34.1 Billion
  4. California wine sales to all markets, including shipments to the U.S. and exports, also set a record of 285 million cases in 2016.
  5. California wines in the U.S. market have increased from 191 million cases shipped in 2006 to 238 million cases in 2016
  6. Wine shipments to the U.S. from all production sources — California, other states and foreign producers — grew to 399 million cases, up 3% from 2015, with an estimated retail value of nearly $60 billion.
  7. The U.S. has remained the world’s largest wine market by volume since 2010. California’s 238 million cases shipped within the U.S. in 2016 represent a 60% share of the U.S. wine market.
  8. U.S. wine exports, 90 percent from California, reached a record $1.62 billion in winery revenues in 2016
  9. The European Union’s 28-member countries were the top market for U.S. wine exports, accounting for $685 million
  10. They are closely followed by Canada, with  $431 million

Direct To Consumer Wine Sales

Forbes predicts that the Direct to consumer wine sales will be the future of the wine industry. Now because of recent changes in laws the industry has opened in almost all states and many new countries. This is creating an open trend in an already huge market. When you do the research Direct to consumer wine sales only take up 5% of the market. That leaves 95% of 67 billion available to tap into in the us alone. Now when you combine that with the compensation plan below that is a good amount of money in your pocket. So Get in Get Wine and lets get you started.

Combine The Facts

When you combine the facts you can see the amazing opportunity at hand. You can combine word of mouth advertising and they share in the profits. Here you can build long term wealth through providing people with a product they love. Just look at all the ways you can make money

 Fast Start Bonus

Here is where you immediately start making money. When you help others join this amazing opportunity you receive what ever half the membership to start. That means that you can sign 2 people up at the same amount you came in at and your investment is returned. Then everyone else is profit. Then when you sign up your third customer your wine is free. These are amazing hand selected fine wine shipped to your door free +shipping.

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  Duel Team Pay

Build 2 Sales Team one on your right and one on your left & Earn up to 20% in Override Commissions. from your must keep an
active status must be maintained each month: 1 Personally Sponsored PWL in each Team

wine business

Check Match Bonus

Earn a Check Match Bonus on the Dual Team Pay of
Your First 4 Levels.
Earn Uni-Level Pay on Your First 9 Levels.
50% of BV from Monthly Autoship is paid in Uni-Level.

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