Unique Wine Gift Ideas

     Unique wine gift ideas are great for the friend that has everything. When you hand someone a bottle of wine it draws a smile from any wine lover. I have added some unique wine gift ideas below for the wine lover in your life. Number one on my list is Direct Cellars wine club. 

 Direct Cellars

Direct Cellars is the greatest wine club and opportunity I have ever seen. They travel the world in search of fine wine. Then it is shipped Directly to your door. Really they hand select every batch of wine that is sent to you. These are not any mass produced wine, These are wines from wineries around the world. They are premium fine wines that cost the public 40 to 100 dollars a bottle.

When you join Direct Cellars there are a few options for you. You can join as a customer and just receive wine and enjoy the fine wines at member pricing you can get 2 bottles for 49.99 a month or you can get 4 bottles a month for 79.99. Now that is some unique wine gift ideas. Also when you have 3 active members that you refer you get your wine for free.

Now is when it gets great. You can join as a Rep. and receive the total benefit of the fastest growing wine of the month club in the world. That is right you can build a business that pays now and into the future. When you join a company that has a product that has been around for 7000 years and has only become more popular over time with a compensation plan that is the best I have seen. What can go wrong. So



Number 2 on my list of unique wine gift ideas is  just below. Arrowtown gifts  has some amazing offers for every occasion. From Christmas to Anniversaries and birthdays, they have the best of original and thoughtful gifts. Yes they have unique wine gift ideas.

Unique Wine Gift Ideas




They have many gifts for may occasions. Check it out, Way more than unique wine gift Ideas, there are personalized gifts, ornaments, wood and metal signs, and way way more. Check out their gift blog and see the Anniversary Gift Chart. 



How About Rescued Wine Bottle Glass?

Here are some unique wine Gifts. Glasses and home decor made from recycled wine bottles. Awesome glassware that accents any style home Check it out

unique wine gift ideas Amazing glassware that accents the table and home. Add this wonderful collection or collections like it from Refresh Glass. C company dedicated to recycling 10 million glass bottles and I am sure that when they reach that goal then the goal will expand. Great company with house ware that is as good for your look as well as the Environment. Check in side and see the awesome personalized selection . Now there are some  unique wine gift ideas.


Unique wine gift ideas

 Here are some Unique Wine Gift Ideas 

Unique ine Gifts Ideas

 A glass that is uniquely them is always great. It is practical and with the right saying you can always bring a smile, Great addition to the gifts this Christmas. I love the glasses and cups that have been given to me over the years. There is just something about a cup or glass that is just yours.


How About A Way To Decorate Using Old Bottles

Unique Wine Gift Ideas


Here is an awesome way to turn your old wine bottles into an awesome decoration or night light. Just peel the label or not depending on the bottle and label. These awesome little stopper lights string down inside the bottle. Add some decoration and style very reasonably 

Unique Wine Gift Ideas




Wine gift bags? Wine is a great gift or addition to take to a dinner with you. These wine bags are a great addition to your unique wine gift Ideas. Giving the gift of wine is a great way to draw a smile from any wine lover. This Builds the excitement especially whenunique wine gift ideas that wine is from Direct Cellars


Unique wine gift ideas

Wine bags, what a great way to hide the prize inside.