There are many pan fried swordfish recipes but I like to keep things simple. I stick to the salt, pepper and Garlic, Keep the flavors light and enjoy the flavor of the food your cooking, Natural flavor is great when it is accented by salt and garlic.

Pan Fried Swordfish Recipes

pan fried swordfish recipes

I absolutely love a nice piece of Swordfish. There are many pan fried Swordfish recipes out there. I have a love for the natural flavor of the fish. When it is accented by salt and pepper and garlic the flavors are amazing combined with a fine wine. Sword fish has a great firm texture and very tender and juicy when Prepared well.

Ingredients: sword fish steaks, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Butter, Dill, lemon

  1. Start with a heavy fry pan or a pan that spreads the heat well. When you cook at higher heats in a thin fry pan it creates hot spots and can burn spots of your food. With good fry pan turn the heat up to high, and add a pat of butter.pan fried swordfish recipes
  2. When the pan is hot and the butter is sizzling then lay your seasoned sword fish in the hot pan. We use a hot pan first to sear the out side of the steak and sealing the juices in. After you place your steaks in the pan lightly season the other side while steaks are in the pan. this allows the extra season to fall in the pan.
  3. Cook about 2 minutes on each side then flip again and turn the heat to medium. Allow the fish to be firm in the middle. You do not want to feel a softness to the center of the steak, it wants to not be raw but not over done. This is one of my favorite simple pan fried swordfish recipes.
  4. I usually will prepare a lemon dill butter before. Take a half a stick of butter and mix a generous amount of chopped fresh dill and about a quarter of a lemon squeezed in to it. mix real well and chill in a roll shape. I use parchment paper to shape it and hold it till its is chilled. slice little pats and set on top of the steak after plate it just before serving.
  5. I like to serve this with a light spring salad and a wedge of lemon. To finish the meal add a nice glass or Chardonnay or a more substantial white. The freshness of the white wine will accent this great summer dish.pan fried swordfish recipes

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Blackened Swordfish

Another one of my favorite pan fried sword fish Recipes is a blackened swordfish, and this may be an outdoor summer recipe unless you have a strong overhead vent system. This requires frying the Swordfish in a dry cast iron pan on high so it smokes a lot but gives a great spicy flavor.Pan fried Swordfish Recipes

  1. To blacken any meat you need a very hot cast iron skillet. I recommend making this on an outside grill or burner unless you have a strong vent on your stove. Get the pan hot on the burner and you are going to use that pan dry. The idea is that the heat will sear the juices in and make a moist steak.
  2. pour some blackening season over the Swordfish steak and pat it on. Flip and repeat so the entire steak is encrusted with the season.
  3. lay the steak in the hot pan and allow it to blacken. This really should smoke a lot and blacken the out side of the steak.
  4. Flip the steak over after about 2 to 3 minutes depending on the thickness. This works best with about 1″ thick steaks. this cooks evenly from both sides and does not dry out.
  5. Pull the steaks off and serve with a light spring salad. this is where pan fried sword fish recipes are great because this will pair well with either a full bodied white wine or a lighter blend red wine. Great for both sides of the wine lover spectrum.

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