This is my favorite pan fried Salmon Recipes. I still love to keep the recipe simple. Do not over season these steaks. Enjoy the flavors of the food itself and do not hide them. Salt is a flavor enhancer which means when used it draws out the flavor of what ever you add it to.

Pan Fried Salmon Recipes

I absolutely love to pan fry fish, the heat and seasoned butter seal flavor and allow you to really enjoy the natural flavors in the meat. When the steak hits the hot butter it instantly seals in the freshness of the taste. The season you add creates a tasty crust around your steak allowing for perfect taste. Again I just use the basics salt and pepper and garlic with butter.

  1. Start out with a hot pan and butter melted and sizzeling. Season one side of your salmon steak. Lay the skin side down and season the other side over the pan. This adds a little season to the hot pan as well.
  2. Cook a couple minuets on high heat on both sides and then turn the heat down a little till finished. you want to cook it till it is just barely pink in the middle
  3. if you want to make a nice butter lemon sauce then just hit the pan with a light white wine and lemon. Clear the bottom of the pan of the flavor and turn the heat off and add a whole butter pat.
  4. Serve with a nice spring baby spinich salad and a chilled white or light red wine and enjoy the ements flavors of the all natural wine and salmon.

This is a real basic pan fried Salmon recipe that you can really apply to any fish steak. Fish has a great natural flavor that really just can use a little accent.

You never want to over season any food because you want to experience the natural flavor of the food. I have a very basic cooking style, and it has always served me well. You do not need a pantry full of seasons to cook a flavorful meal.

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