Lobster dinner recipes is great to really set the mood. Make a lobster dinner and put out the candles with a glass of fine wine your loved one will feel the romance. Seems that lobster and fine wine is a great dinner for love.Lobster dinner recipes

Lobster dinner recipes are great and there are many options over just a boil. I like to make lazy mans lobster.  Not a lot of work to eat and much cleaner than shelling your own. Here are some great lobster dinner recipes.

You want to start with lobsters that are lively. Make sure the seafood you get is fresh. You want to put a large pan on the stove on high to boil water when the water has reach a rolling boil you add your lobsters to the water. Boil them for 10 minutes or till completely bright red. Another good indication is the tail will snap back.

After I pull the lobster from the water I allow them to cool. Then I shell the lobster, Take all the meat out of the claws and tail. Set the bodies aside for other uses. After the meat is clear of shells I cut the tails in half length way. lobster dinner recipes

Take a saute pan and put it on the stove on hi. Add some butter to the pan and allow the butter to melt and get hot. Add the lobster to the pan, saute the meat in the butter. Remove from pan and place on the plate. This is a great meal to serve with a fresh salad and a glass of white wine. Now you have a great meal to add some candles and create an evening you will not soon forget.

Direct Cellars

Lobster dinner recipesDirect Cellars provides the fine wine in my house. Here you will find the finest inspiration for your meals around. Each month you will have 2 or 4 bottles of hand  selected fine wine from around the world sent to your door. Along with your 4 bottles the also send a great pairing sheet. This is great because it tells the qualities of the wine and the food that it will pair well with. This is great because you can really plan an entire evening based around fine wine and romance.