Food And Wine

Food and wine has been around for thousands of years. Wine in many places is considered as Milk here. Wine is just part of the meal. Here many of us enjoy wine with our food a couple times a week or even every night. Wine in america now has surpassed beer sales. There is a kind of atmosphere that a glass of wine creates. 

Wine and RomanceFood and Wine

There is something that is special about taking the time to create an atmosphere of romance. Wine helps to relax and relieve the days stresses. It breaks away the stress and creates a topic to start with and open up the conversation. “so how do you like the wine?” starts a conversation.

I am telling you that when you set a romantic dinner for your loved one, it shows a level of thoughtfulness beyond the everyday spaghetti and sauce dinners. When you add a fine wine to the mix now you can create a dinner around the food and wine pairing. When you actually take the time to pair the right wine with the right food now you have opened up a topic for conversation. That is what I love Food and wineabout Direct Cellars.

Wines From Around The World

With Direct Cellars you receive fine wines from around the world delivered to your door. This is great for the inspiration each and every month. These Wines are not your every day mass produced wines” even tho we get it at the same prices”. These are wines that are hand selected from elite wineries around the world. These are real wines that go through the making process with no added ingredients to speed or slow the process. In short you get an amazing wine that can be an inspiration for any fine dinner.

Food And Wine Pairing GuideFood And Wine

With your wines each month you receive a food and wine pairing guide. This is awesome because it tells you the qualities of the wines. The taste and flavors. The smells and textures. Also they give you an awesome food recommendation that you can use to develop an awesome Dinner to set the mood for a great evening. Try doing this and putting some care in to an evening, see where a great food and wine pairing takes the evening.