Direct Sales Training we all need it. It seems we can tell everyone about anything we do unless we are selling it to them. That is a major hang up in the success of the people that fail. First you only fail if you quit on your goals, and when you over think selling. First if you believe in your product or service and you would tell your friends about it to begin with then you should handle your direct sales business the same way.

Direct Sales Training

first step in your Direct Sales training is developing your 90 day business plan and setting your business in motion from the start. Know your why and what is going to keep you knocking on the next door. Your why will always make a way when there seems to be no way. Take the time to know why your adding that business to your life. When your upline is no help and everyone is saying no, your why is what will develop your way. Its the motor behind your plan of action.

Plan of action

This is the second most important part of your direct sales training. Develop your plan of action. This is your how where when and with who. Here you need to find a space that you can work in an organized fashion that is designed for success. No you do not need an office designer but you having all your needs in one place is hugely important and will further your success.

You need to have your lap top or what ever device you use to keep track of people and communicate. For me that is my laptop, If that is a Rolodex then have it handy. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy. You need your phone and a place for sticky notes and all your needs in one place then its time to begin your WHO.

Who are you going to talk to

This is where you need to pay attention to what I am writing. There are 7 P’s to success, and they are very important to your success in direct sales and we will pay attention to them through this direct sales training. They are Posture, Prospecting, Pique, Point, Pass, Plug, Promote. That is the process of duplication with in your team of direct sales. That is the key that all the successful direct sales training I have listen to and learned from and been successful with.

so lets take a look and break them all down step by step and the first P is



Posture is the strength or weakness that people see in you. That is where if you are desperate to make a sale people sense that and will reject it every time. If you do not care about the sale and you care about their needs as a customer or team memeber, they will know that you genuinely care about their needs  and you will build a relationship with them and they will follow your lead.


Prospecting is exactly like the gold miners did. They looked through all the grains of sand and rocks to find the gold. If they quit after looking at one rock and said there is no gold here they would not have ever found the gold. Prospecting is just like that. It is the art of finding people to talk to and then finding the gold among them. That is the art of duplication. The best thing about prospecting people is you can find the gold nuggets and turn them in to prospectors and duplicate yourself.


You want to pique thier interest. You do not want to satisfy every answer you want them to come back and be interested in talking to you. If you explode and sound desperate then your going to loose your best prospects, because great team members are looking for a solid leader that is not desperate to make a sale. So be patient and just tell them enough to pique thier interest and want to know more.


Here after you have piqued their interest you want to point them to the information that you want them to see. Now that you have their interest you can be sure they will see the information. Then they are doing their own research and getting involved and that is where you pass. Pass meaning that you want to set up a call with your upline or someone in the business that can add value and another successful voice to the conversation.  That is going to add value to the opportunity and assure that you are in business for your self but not by your self.


You want to plug them into resources that will give them the help they need to get things going. Also you want to allow them to be interactive in a Facebook group that shows they are in business for them self but again not by them self. Having the support of a whole team is way stronger than feeling like they are all on their own.


Live the life of the company you promote. Try to be what you are all the time. That goes back to promoting a product that you live love and believe in. That is true promotion. IF you do not believe in what your selling it is going to totally affect your success, So promote through life like you would if you liked a movie or a great restraunt or an awesome wine of the month club,

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