Wine Of The Month Clubs Are On The Rise

Wine of the month clubs are on the rise, and I am involved in the fastest growing wine club on the planet. We have wine from around the globe. We hand select wines from elite wineries around the world. Professionals personally taste and hand select batches of wine. When direct cellars find a batch that meets their high standards the whole batch is bought. That makes these only available here. These are also now elite and rare which increases the value in each bottle.

Each bottle is shipped with a little note to you on what food pairs well with the wine that month. When food is paired with the right wine it creates an experience second to none. Especially to a wine enthusiast. Each month is an experience cooking a meal based on the pairing sheet. Now, I also love cooking and  this gives me a reason to plan a great menu and enjoy the quality of the wine.

Not only do you get great wine but you join a great community of wine lovers that have the same passion that you have. Enjoy promoting and being social. Invite friends and get your wine for free, with the 3 and free program. When ever you refer 3 active members you receive you wine for free. So you get free wine for inviting your friends to join you in an awesome wine club.

Take this opportunity as far as you want with their multi level team pay. Develop teams of motivated wine lovers and create and create wealth with a product people already love and have a passion for. 45% of america already have wine in the budget you are just showing them a way to experience wine from around the world for the same price. That is right for the same price as any store quality wine.

This has been an amazing experience for me. I would love to share it with you. You are like me, you love food and wine and the experience it creates then you will love this opportunity. Yes its an opportunity even when you are a member. This provides the opportunity to experience wines from around the world. Experience a great wine great people and great opportunity.

Get In Get Wine Get Social