Direct Cellars wine club is the most amazing experience that I have ever come across. Just speaking as a customer of their wine club I am amazed each and every time I open a bottle. I have had a passion for food and wine for many years. I grew up in kitchens and learned to love to cook. Now over my adult years I have grown to love the way that fine wine Pairs with foods to give you and experience every time you do it. With the education that is with each and every shipment, the tasting notes will allow you to open your mind to different pairings!

Direct Cellars Wine Club

I love the wines and the people that I have met through Direct Cellars and their amazing wine club. I am Direct Cellars Wine Clubamazed at the wines that are on my doorstep each month. I am amazed with the quality of friends I have made through the wine club. And I continue to be amazed with the compensation plan every time I explain it.

First the product. Fine wines are as old as 7000 years old. Not the wine it self but the art of creating fine wine. I mean the wines that kings drank in years past we have delivered to our doors each month. These are not your mass produced wines but wine that is all natural and not changed by chemicals that some wines add. These are amazing wines that we get that no one else has the access to that we do.

These wines , they send a set of tasting notes that will tell you what foods go best with the wines Direct Cellars sends us each month. There are many more great informational bits that are added like where the grapes are grown and even a little about the generations and family involved in the making of the wines.

Refer 3 and get your wine for free

Direct Cellars Wine ClubNow here is another great benefit as a customer is that you can refer 3 or more friends and get your wine free each month. When your a customer or a representative  after you sign up when you get 3 customers and they are active your wine is free each month. Now that is awesome, free wine for telling 3 friends where to get their wine.

So as a customer I give Direct Cellars a 5 star rating. I give the people that run it an amazing all thumbs up and appreciate the effort they make to give us a better user experience. The wine is awesome and I would never get to try these wines anywhere else but through this opportunity. Now speaking of opportunity that is another thing that makes Direct Cellars Wine Club Just absolutely amazing.

The Opportunity

Direct Cellars has given us an amazing opportunity to create our own wine club right inside theirDirect Cellars Wine Club massive covering. As a business Partner with Direct Cellars wine club I have seen nothing but good things. I just reciently got home from a confrence trip in las Vegas and I am just amazed at how much better the opportunity gets each and every day.

First we have a product and that is the wine. This wine is the top of the line fine wines from around the world and we get them each month. Now we do not sell wine, Just show people how awesome the wine is and that is it. The rest falls on Direct Cellars, they send the wine and you never touch any but your own. Each month people sign up and continue to get their Fine Wine delivered to their door you make money. That is true Residual Income.

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