90 Day Business Plan

90 day business plan is pretty aggressive. Here with Direct Cellars it is totally possible to have you business started and making a profit in 90 days. When you follow this 90 day business plan, you will get step by step plans to success.

Step one — Join Direct Cellars

Direct cellars is the only business opportunity that actually provides a product that it totally possible to build a great and profitable business in 90 days. So your first step is to enroll in to Direct Cellars as a Rep. There are 2 packages that you can choose from.90 Day Business Plan

A.) is the first option and that is to enroll at 249.00. This is great if you do not have a ton of money to join but you need a solution this is your choice. Here you get 1 full year of your website, and back office. These are all the supplies and training you need. You also get 4 awesome bottles of Premium fine wine. You will also get 20% discount on your future purchases

B.) This is where I recommend joining. for 499.00 you get 3 years of your back office and website. This a 70 dollar per year value. You will also get a case of wine that is 12 bottles. This gives you product to start sharing and telling people about Direct Cellars. And last but not least you get 40% discount on all your future purchases.

So I find the greatest value in the first option. I believe it gives you a great head start with product on hand and a great discount on wine to promote your business. Do not strap yourself you can always upgrade to the bigger discount.

Step 2 is develop your WHY!!!

This is the reason we all do what ever it is we do. What is the reason that is going to push your through 90 day Business Planthe slow rough times. Everyone wants money and that is not a great why. But what is it deep in you that drives you to go through life and try to better. When you figure that out make a list of them. Decide why you want this to work for you and where you want to go with your 90 day business plan

Step 3 is develop your vision

Here is where you develop your path and clear the way so you can see where your going and how your 90 Day Business Plangetting there. That is your vision. This is Vital to your 90 day business plan because it is the plan for action that allows you to get where you are going. Develop a method, and an action plan and follow it.

Do not make any commitments on what you can do but make them on what you will do. There is a difference. A lot of us will write what we think we can do and never follow through. You want to write what you will do consistently every day and follow that. You are better to make a Conservative plan that your proud to do every day, or you can write what you can do and never hit it and get frustrated because you are loosing ground. So in your vision design a clear plan of action and follow it.

Step 4 Make a clear  work space

90 day business planYou really need a clean and clear place you work your 90 day business plan. You want to set up in and area that allows you to give full concentration to your business. Also you want to have all your tools and needs in one place so you are not wasting time looking for the items you need or contacts information. When your space is set you feel more together and ready for Progress and success.


Step 5 Develop Right Mindset

Here you want to change your mindset from selling to building Friendships. 90 Day business planRelationships are built and then you are just introducing a friend to a great business opportunity. Your not selling a business or product to a complete stranger. So you need to build relationships with people and Do not sell you will be better for in and gain a following on social media. That is the mind set you need to keep and also have patience. You need patience to not get frustrated.

Step 6 Develop a list 

You want to develop a list of every one you know, and everyone they know and so on. This is your market. Now with Direct Cellars your not convincing the to buy soap, your showing them a great place to experience fine wine from around the world.  Or your showing them the greatest business in the world. So just make a list or contacts and start there your list will grow.

Step 7 Now Its Time To Take Action

Here is where you start working your 90 day business plan and make it happen. Contact 90 day business planfriends and family and just let them know about the awesome wine club you joined. It does not have to be about the business all the time. You need customers as well. So start contacting your list and making it happen.

Step 8 Contact your UP-LINE or mentor

This is really in combination with with step 7. You want to contact your mentor and have them show you the best ways to communicate to prospects or how to follow up. Allow your mentor to teach you and suggest ways of operating.

Step 9 Follow up and help new Reps

You want to follow up with new rep and customers. This is where you can help your down-line to replicate success and duplicate the process and start others building new students, and teams. It is so important to follow and be there for new Reps. Also follow up with your customers and see how things are going. Also get a list of people that may be interested in joining as well. Your customers is where you get your warmest leads.

Step 10 Recommit and Refocus 

Here you want to refine your process, and recommit to it. Every time you start an new 90 Day business planteam or personal sign up, follow what you did and see what is working and what is not. See where you need help and where things are going well and recommit to your 90 day business plan. You could really start a new 90 day business plan every 90 days that keeps you motivated and doing activities of success