Best wine of the month club all around.I Give it 10 thumbs up!!! No Where else across the marketing industry is there another compensation plan like this. This allows you to start Making great income from day one. If your not interested in being a representative and you just want to get wine. Sign up

Best Wine Of The Month Club

I just want to tell you that as a customer, this is the best wine of the month club out there.  Myself I am so blessed to be able to receive wines that I would  never otherwise try. Wines from Africa and Spain. France Italy and of course right here from our own wine county. Hand selected and sent only to you and I. These wines can only be gotten here. And their sent with a wine pairing sheet that tells you all about the wine.

Premium Fine Wine

These wines are not your run of the mill wines, they are not ever store bought top shelf wines. These are wines from elite wineries around the world. We send a wine expert called a sdfasd and they travel the globe to wineries around the world searching for wine that meets their standards. These are naturally made clean wines. The taste is so amazing and different from places around the world. A lot of people complain that wine makes them sick and I was one. I just want to tell you not any more. These are clean and all natural.

These wines would be sold for 40 to 60 dollars or more at the store and we get them at direct to consumer pricing at 20 dollars a bottle on the average. That is amazing. when you Taste these wines you will appreciate them just as much as I do.

Food pairing

Another reason that this is the best wine of the month club around is the love letter they send with it. You know it is great to get that Pairing Sheet with the shipment. That really allows you to plan a romantic dinner around flavors and smells. Make a dinner that pairs to the wine your serving and now you have a wine experience and that is amazing. Their are flavors and traits of wines that change through different areas and grapes. the chemical changes there for it differs what pairs well with. These are sheetsl that explain where the wine comes from and what kind of grapes they are. The pairing guide also tells you about the flavors and textures of the wine and the food it pairs well with.