Food and Wine Pairing is amazing and creates an experience. When the correct food and wine pairing occurs you have an event and a dinner you will never forget. Allow us to send you your wine of the month and be your inspiration for your dinner.

The Wine Cellar

food and wine pairing

I started years ago in the food industry. I and my family have loved the art of cooking and taste.  The taste and smell of our food is an experience, not to mention the beautiful presentation you can create through a meal. My dad was a great cook and I learned entirely through him and his love for food. Its like a painting with a pallet of taste to choose from. We as cooks weather home or professional have the god given talent to combine these tastes and create a work of art.

Remember this is a talent that you can pass down through generations. The great thing about cooking with my dad was it was not from the book, it was from the heart. Dad truly loved food. He taught me how to combine flavors and add them to what ever I wanted. This gave be the basis to create.Food and wine Pairing

Food and Wine Pairing

This brings me to food and wine pairing. When we are cooking we should be thinking of the entire meal, from salad to send off. We create flavors that flow through the entire meal experience. When you know flavors of wine and what pairs well with foods that is a great place to start. Find a great wine, or have one shipped to you monthly. This gives you a center to create your meal around and a great social topic. wine!!!!

Talk About Food and Wine

Wine lovers and food lovers talk about food and wine. When you get involved with Direct Cellars you have that inspiration sent to you monthly. Then you can share it with friends and family and when you refer 3 your wine is free. If you want to  take it further you can create wealth from a product that has existed for 7000 plus years and is selling faster than beer in the us.

food and wine pairing


This is such a great opportunity, and we invite you to join us. Get your wine sent to your front door monthly. These are not just wines but wines from around the world. Hand selected by professionals and sent direct to you. Here at direct cellars is the only place you will find these wines because we buy the whole batch when one meets their high standards making Direct Cellars The Only Place you can get them. Then when you receive your wine you can plan an evening around your wine and introduce your friends and have them join you.

Please contact us and allow us to introduce you to the hottest wine club on the planet