90 Day Business Plan

90 day business plan is pretty aggressive, but totally possible. With Direct Cellars we have such a great opportunity and product that you literally can be building a great long-term business and income in 90 days. All you need is a definite plan and path to take in your 90 day business plan.

The first step is enrolling in Direct Cellars90 day business plan

IF you are not enrolled in Direct Cellars then you want to do that. Direct Cellars is the greatest wine of the month club on the planet. They travel the world and professionals hand select fine wines and send them to our door. These are premium fine wines from around the world. We get these wines for the same price that we would pay for mass produced wines. This is the only place you can experience these wines because when Direct Cellars finds a batch of wine that meets their high quality standards they buy the whole batch. So that makes the only place that you can experience these fine wines here. Also each shipment is shipped with a pairing sheet that tells you about the wines and what their qualities are. Also it will let you know what foods pair best with the wine that is shipped.

Now when you sign up for your business package there are 2 options that you can choose from. One is 249.00 and that gets you one year of your website and back office, and you get 4 bottles of fine premium  wine. With that you also get 20% off your future purchases of wine.

The second plan is 499.00 this is the way I suggest, not because it is the higher cost but because of the value you receive. You will get a case of wine that is 12 bottles which gives you a great start. You also get 3 years of your back office at 70 dollars a year. Plus you get 40 % off all future purchases. That is the the absolute best package that you can get. If you price it out you would find huge savings. So if you can I suggest getting in at this package.

Step 2 — next find your why!!!

2nd step in your 90 day business plan is to develop your why. This is why you get out of bed every day and do what you do. This is why you desire to build a better life. Everyone wants money but what is your true why, that deep drive that will make you push through the down times. Because there are90 Day Business Plan great times and slow times and that why is why you will keep going.

Let me give you an example of my why. I had a construction business and about 5 years ago my dad got to the point that he needed 24 hour care, someone around all the time. Let me tell you I have tried every way to make money from home . I gardened, Did leather work, I have built picnic tables and just barely scraped by. I took care of dad till last year when he passed. When he passed my mother lost over 2000 a month and she was sitting there wondering how she was going to provide heat for the house.

Now I have seen my parents work their whole life away and get to the end and have nothing. My dad is 20 years retired military and they still retire with nothing and barely getting by. That was when I really decided there has to be something more. That is when I started with Rory Ricord and started building my own business and that is when I was introduced to Direct Cellars. That was my how.

So that is a great why. Its what keeps me going when there is nothing else going. And you will have those days weeks and even months. That is what will keep you focused on your 90 day business plan

Step 3 — Make a clear Vision

The third step in your 90 day business plan is make a clear vision that will allow you to follow a plan of action. You need to develop a clear vision of where you want to be where you are going and how you are getting there. This vision is the path to your success. Set up a plan of action


You need to build your plan of action around what you will do and not what you can do. There is a difference between can do and will do. When you make a commitment you need to make it around what you will do. That means that when you commit to a plan you will do it. Either 15 hours a day or 15 minutes a day you need to follow through and be consistent in your follow through of your plan of action.

Step 4 — Set Up A Clear Work Space

You want a clean and clear work space. Give yourself  all your needs in one area ready to go. You want to be in an area where you are not distracted. Have all your tools and things you need to take notes and keep records of where you are with students and contacts. This will allow you to know where you are with each contact.  Having notes about each contact will allow you to follow up with them and know what they need and where they are at. This will make then know that their success in important to you. Remember that your success depends on you helping others get their success.

Step 5 — Develop the right mindset

Remember that what we do is show the people that we get to know about an amazing wine club. We are not selling every stranger we come into contact with wine, Or any business that or product you have. You really want to develop a relationship with people and then just introduce them to what you do. That is ultimately where you want to be. So its all about developing relationships and not sales. When you look at it like this, do you want to be partners with a stranger or friends. so develop relationships and build your business.

Step 6 — Develop a system to keep track of contacts

You need to have a system of tracking your progress with a contact. You want to know where you are with a contact and where they are, know their story and their needs. Then you know how to help them overcome their fears and get them involved in your opportunity. This develope a relationship and shows them that you care enough to remember who they are, and what they need.

Step 7 — Help your new Direct Cellars Reps.

You want to reach out and show people how to build their business. If you just sign and run you will get the same result on your retention rate. You want to keep your reps and help them develop their business and that will in-turn help you build a strong foundation to your business.

Step — 8 Take action

Now that you have developed a vision and plan of action it is time to take action. start putting all this into action. Be consistent and follow your commitment. Follow up and follow through is the 2 biggest keys to success, and they both take action

step — 9 Contact your mentor

Contact your mentor or up-line to assist you in setting up and putting into action your plan. Success is about replication and duplication. So you replicate the system and then duplicate the system and that equals success.

Step — 10 recommit refocus

Take some time now and then to recommit and refocus your goals. Hone your skills and see where your are doing well and areas that you need work in. Then refocus so you are balanced and spreading your energy in the needed areas.

Now that you are there just stay consistent on your 90 day business plan and do not quit and you will succeed. There are 2 kinds of people in this world and that is those who quit and those who succeed.

Here is a complete overview of Direct Cellars

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