Wine society I love that term. Here at Direct Cellars we have just that. A wine society, we are a group of people that love to gather around fine wine and great people. Just keep reading about all the great things when you join this great wine society . So , Get in Get wine and Get social.

Wine Society

Wine Society

Here with Direct Cellars you are joining the finest wine of the month club in the world. Why do I say that? And Why you ask am I calling it a wine society. First of all before I get into the product I just want to say that the quality of the company and what they stand for make it a society if amazing business minded people. The people that are behind the company give you every opportunity to make the wine life the fine life. For anyone willing to give it a little effort.

Now the product that you build an amazing business with. Wine, let me talk about the product. If your business minded and do not drink, this makes sense. If you love wine and are business minded this makes sense. And if you love wine and are not business minded but want to learn this makes sense.


First we are talking about a product that half of america have in their house right now. 35%  of  Americans drink it every week a couple times a week. We sell more wine than beer and it grows every year. Wine has been around for thousands of years and fine wine will never be digitally altered. So it is a fairly stable product to hang your hat on.

Now I say when you look at the design of the compensation plan that is also a total design for success. This is a total team effort. (another reason I call it a wine society) If your looking to join a team of dedicated like minded people that love wine and business then this is the place for you. If you just like fine wine this is your place too.

Fine Wine

Let me talk a little more about the product. They have fine premium wine. Like all natural not chemicals added fine wine. They are hand selected by our wine expert Jerry Greenfield. He travels around the world looking for fine wine to send direct to you at member prices. 20 dollars a bottle on the average. And as a customer or Representative you get your wine free when you refer 3 friends. When you have 3 or more friends that are active on one month your get your wine free

So back to the wine. These wines are fine premium wines that are hand selected and sent directly to your door. As I said they are all natural wine and not chemically rushed or slowed. They come from wineries around the world like France, Spain and South Africa. Literally you would never experience these wines anywhere here in the us let alone for 20 dollars a bottle or less.

The Love Letter

Then with your wine each month is a little love letter from the wine to you. Its great, it shares the age of Wine Societythe vines and the type of grape used. Tells a little about the vineyard and family who prides their work. The winery that makes it and, about the generations that they have been doing this is usually told to. Then you have the qualities of the wine. The flavors and mouth feel. How sweet or bold. The amazing color and aromas. Wine it just so artfully created.

This love letter will tell you about the foods that will pair well with your wine creating a dinner experience, not just a dinner. That is great information for you to have. Either to know what to serve with a date night dinner each month or what bottle to bring to the bosses house. See that is a valued piece of information and can really change your experience with a wine.

So all around from a customers point I love Direct Cellars and the product and service they provide. And by service I mean that they literally fine wine from around the world that we would never experience and, Ship it to our door. With a 100% replacement guarantee that they will replace any wine your dissatisfied with with a bottle you are.

The Business

So if you have read up till now you know we have a solid trendy product for you to build a business on, And if the percentage is right you probably like wine too. So, now lets look at the amazing compensation plan. First thing that you notice is that is has a team design where your team helps you to build your business by adding to one side or the other of your business. So that is a design to help you to succeed and keep you as a team. A wine society. These are really business minded people that are 100% behind seeing you succeed. And its world wide.

So the compensation plan has a few different ways of getting paid. When your first starting out your worried about the here and now. That happens with the first way you get paid. So that is the fast start bonus which is you get half of the cost of anyone signing up. So it only takes two people entering at the same level as you and your investment is paid.  And that sets you up with one personal sign up on the right and one on the left qualifying you for your commissions. Then you start getting your commissions 3 different ways. Plus when you get 3 customers that get wine each month your wine is free as a Rep. too.

So lets look at the compensation structure

Wine Society

Here you see the Fast start bonus when you sign someone up. You can see the amazing potential when you get started. So you do some work now and get paid well later. And the retention rate is over 90% . That means you make residual income for the life of that customer. And if you have a great Core team that goes out and duplicates you can totally see how this one opportunity can change your life. It does not take a lot to really to make a few extra dollars a month and find some core people to go and do the same.

Really when I heard a wine of the month club that I could really build a business on I was all in. But if your not ready for a business and just love wine join as a customer and just enjoy fine wine from around the world.

Long term

Now if you want to see the amazing long term affects of your work then look below at the way the compensation structure is designed to help you get on your feet. And, build long-term residual wealth. That is an awesome wine society. Now if you want to meet all these wonderful wine loving members we have events around the world. Build a team in the UK and go visit and go to a wine event in London. I have been to New York and I am getting ready to go to Las Vegas.

Wine Society

So you can see that your payment structure is designed to see you succeed and do well with Direct Cellars. With a product that has been around as long as wine has. And a product as popular with the people around you every day as wine is. With a compensation like you see above and below there is no room for anyone who is motivated or willing to learn can loose. Absolutely a fantastic company!!!

Wine Society

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About Me

I am Paul Rankin and I am a member of Direct Cellars and love my wine society. They are a great group of people that are motivated love food and wine and great friends. If your interested I would absolutely love for you to contact me and we can talk about getting you started. Or enter through any link sign up and then contact me. Any way I want to help you to be successful and I am looking for my core members all the time.

If your looking for someone to work closely with to develop your dreams then you have found the right place. I would love to help you and see you successful in your Own Wine business. So get in and get wine and be social my friend and we will see you at the top!!!!

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